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The Frisby Group is a construction consulting firm that assists construction companies and property owners achieve their objectives through innovative and collaborative delivery systems and project management techniques; through claims prevention and non-judicial claims resolution; and through strategic initiatives which enable companies to better organize for the present and the future. The Frisby Group stays on top of innovations and current developments; to assist the construction industry through education, training, newsletters and webinars. The Frisby Group brings 40 years experience successfully delivering for it’s clients and continues to do so today.

Strategic Planning: Organizing for a sustainable future in the construction industry:

Dispute Resolution of Construction Claims:

Project Oversight and Management:

Recent Accomplishments:
  1. Thomas Frisby has been officially appointed by Mayor Tecklenburg and unanimously approved by City Council to serve on the City of Charleston Women and Minority Business Enterprise Advisory Board.
  2. Successful Resolution of Subcontractor Claim Based on Schedule Abandonment on Government Project.
  3. Successful Resolution of Multi Million Dollar Termination Case in Grand Cayman.
  4. Organizational and Strategic Planning Consultation for Several Contractors
  5. In-house seminars for construction companies
  6. Presentation on future developments in the construction industry
Publications in 2017 and 2018
    1. Contract Issues in Construction
    2. 52 Weeks
    3. Management Principles for Construction Contractors
    4. 52 Weeks: Fundamentals of Management
    5. 52 Weeks: Communication
    6. Project Management and Productivity for Construction Projects
From Clients:

Alan Roffey– Chief Executive, Andro Group

Tom Frisby conducted seminars for the trade supervisors and middle management of my MEP construction company that illuminated for us the concepts of scope of work, sequence, quality control and internal and external communication. He taught us how to recognize the early warning signs that indicate a disrupted project and how to mitigate the negative effects of scope creep and change on such a project.

When later my company became involved in projects that suffered those symptoms, Tom’s wise counsel as to how to document and negotiate payment for the additional costs that occured as a result of the delay and disruption to our planned execution was invaluable.

Chris Cullum– President and CEO, Cullum Constructors, Inc

Here are few thoughts and strong feelings I have about Tom Frisby; principal of the Frisby Group:

First, Tom is the most intelligent person I have ever known. His ability to research and study documents on a subject and condense it all down into a concise explanation is magnificent. His ability to develop strategies to format information to convey the intended message to the right people to get a given outcome is unlike any person I have ever worked with. His ability to have complete focus on the task at hand produces results.
His work ethic and energy level help get people who have been put through the ringer get to the other side of despair to find success. I unequivocally recommend his services.

Tom Frisby

Tom Frisby is: a management consultant with a legal, construction and financial background; is a negotiator, expert witness, mediator, author, educator who has managed a successful construction consulting firm for over forty years.

For more information on services offered please drop him a line: