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52 Weeks: Communication

The glue in any relationship is communication. The classic cartoon of the man whining to the bartender “my wife doesn’t understand me”, or the mother sternly saying to her child “what is there about NO that you don’t understand “ sums it up; talking or writing without understanding is not communication. 52 Weeks-Communication- is a series of short articles aimed at challenging readers to improve their performance in every relationship and every endeavor by becoming better communicators. Articles deal with the role of respect in communication and how active listening is as essential as persuasive speaking; how practice is as important in communication as batting practice to a hitter. Improving meetings and team performance; management from the bottom as well as the top through fear free environments. The role of graphics and music as a universal language and how the life you lead communicates to others your values and character. It is suggested that each article be discussed at company meetings or family dinners.





52 Weeks: Fundamentals of Management



52 short thought provoking articles to enable anyone at any level in business to manage more successfully. The great Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi built his Super Bowl champions on a strategy of excelling at the basics. These articles use this philosophy for building sustainable companies. The concepts apply to small and large companies and to the president or the supervisor, and you might find that most apply to your family as well. The basics of management are universal.The first articles begin with YOU, issues YOU need to confront. And then a fleshing out of PPOIC – people, planning, organization, implementation and control- and a bit about effective communication, conflict management, legal and finance. Cash flow management and its relation to waste avoidance; what customer for life entails and how quality must be a company culture.