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Project Oversight and Management

The Frisby Group offers these specialized project management services:


As set forth in the Section on Dispute Resolution

Troubled Projects

  This is a speciality.  The Bad Creek Pump Storage Project is illustrative of this service.  The one billion dollar project was over two years behind schedule and potentially over budget excessively when the Frisby Group was called in.  Our role was to identify the issues and work together with the Duke project team to resolve them.  In the process, the above ground contractor was terminated and replaced with a successor contracto  on a novel Cost Plus Award Fee Arrangement; Duke spent over $35 million in purchasing new equipment which would be more productive than the worn out equipment being used by the terminated contractor; millions of dollars of claims were resolved and more prevented.  As a result the project went commercial on its original schedule and thereby gained the benefit of a $100 million investment tax credit.  We were also able to bring in the expertise of a former South African who is now a professor at Virginia Tech who aided us in both the technical and productivity issues.

Remediation Projects

  When a hotel in downtown Charleston, South Carolina began to fall apart within a year after completion, the Frisby Group was called in and oversaw the investigation of the various defects and flaws which were contributing to water infiltration, a building skin (Duroc) which you could actually reach into and grab a wad like a snow cone, a “Mary Poppins roof” which was basically not attached to the structure and the list goes on.  This is a service that has been provided on a major condominium project in Beaufort, South Carolina; Augusta, Georgia and others as well.

Productivity Improvement Programs

Labor productivity is the contractor’s largest risk.  The Frisby Group has studied and evaluated productivity in the construction industry, handled countless disputes involving impact to labor productivity.   Assisting contractors to improve productivity, reduce waste, and manage the factors that can adversely affect labor on a project is one of the most rewarding services that is offered by the Frisby Group.

Tom Frisby

Tom Frisby is: a management consultant with a legal, construction and financial background; is a negotiator, expert witness, mediator, author, educator who has managed a successful construction consulting firm for over forty years.

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